The Team

The Team

Mark Donovan Mark Donovan: Partner/Trainer
Mark is a clinical psychologist who has specialised in supervision as well as child and family work for over 25 years in Australia and the United Kingdom. Mark currently holds the position of Clinic Director at the University of Wollongong where he supervises and teaches on the Clinical and Professional Psychology programs, and continues to work clinically one day per week. Mark has trained over a thousand psychologists in competency-based supervision across Australia and Singapore since the Board introduced competency-based supervision in 2013, and has directly supervised hundreds of psychologists over the past three decades. Mark is a strong advocate of Reflective Practice in both supervision and clinical work.

Helen Donovan Helen Donovan: Partner/Administrator
Helen brings experience from an array of professional roles and organisations to the team, including: NSW Health, private practice, Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Symphony and Aldeburgh Festival. Helen is an efficient administrator and skilled clinician, and uses both in looking after the administrative side of the workshops.

Janet Conti  Dr Janet Conti: Trainer/Consultant
Janet currently works as an Academic Course Advisor and Lecturer in Clinical and Professional Psychology at Western Sydney University where she supervises and teaches on the Clinical and Professional Psychology Masters programs. She conducts a private practice one day a week.  She has been involved in reflective practice and reflective supervision for many years and made many helpful contributions to Daf's book (her photo is on the back cover).

Daf Hewson

Dr Daphne Hewson: Supervisory Consultant

Daphne (Daf) Hewson is a Sydney/Alice Springs psychologist who is committed to reflective supervision as the key to maintaining professional standards and sustaining health professionals in the demands of their coal-face work. She has a background as an academic (training clinical and counselling psychologists and Indigenous Health Workers) and a practitioner (specialising in working with adult survivors of childhood trauma). She teaches reflective supervision around Australia and internationally, and recently co-authored ‘Reflective Practice in Supervision’ with Michael Carroll. Daf established the Reflective Practice workshops and has acted as trainer and mentor to Janet and Mark since the 1990s.